Hi world,
My name is K. and I am an early 30s millennial who is interested in investments, personal finance and works in the philanthropic sector. I think all people including young people, older people and everyone in between should know financial literacy.

My journey started in debt #awkward.
For many years, I had student debt and numerous credit cards, and overall just drowning in debt. I didn’t know what a credit rating was and I was canceling cards and applying for new cards. I always paid the minimum or not made monthly payments at all. I didn’t know how it all would negatively affect my financial life until I tried to purchase a home a few years ago.

Now I make a healthy income working full-time in the philanthropic sector and have the disposable income to invest. Through my work, I’ve learned from high net worth individuals how they grew their financial portfolio and I wanted to learn to do the same. This is a personal finance blog dedicated to my journey but also teaching others. I want to dive deeper in personal finance but specializing in sustainable investments.

I currently reside in beautiful British Columbia, where I cycle to work daily and live with a foster cat named Stevie.